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Paintings of mostly Quebec, Eastern Township, Charlevoix, Kamouraska and frontier of Ontario/Quebec.

July 2017

Plein Air, Greenwood House, Hudson, Quebec, 2017

“When clouds appear like towers the earth is refreshed with showers”. Throughout Quebec this summer we know this saying; we have daily downpours, showers and thunderstorms but regardless we find dry time to sketch outdoors.

Linda Drewry continues her Tuesday plein air outing  This past Tuesday we sketched at Greenwood House, Hudson, Quebec. Most of us have tried several times to paint this house and we always manage to miss or misplace a dormer, forget about aligning roofs, doors and chimneys.  A quote from their website helps explain this source of our problem with the origin and the house’s many roles and additions. Perhaps, we have a partial excuse for our faulty work.

Jean-Baptiste Sabourin first settled the Greenwood property in 1732. The original Sabourin homestead still stands and forms part of the house. The property remained in Sabourin hands until 1820. At that time, John Mark Crank Delesderniers purchased it. He intended it to be both a residence for his son, Peter Francis Christian, and a general store and trading post. In the 1840’s, it served as the first post office in the area. Greenwood was extended eastward on two occasions, in the 1820’s and again after 1860″.

Now the property and house belongs to the public when the last owner Phoebe Nobbs Hyde left it in her will to the Canadian Heritage of Quebec. For opening hours and events visit their website.

Below are my sketches from the south side of the house.

House and gardens, late morning, watercolour, 2017


House and garden in afternoon after four gardeners gave a weed and trim, watercolour, 2017

Charlevoix, Qc, 2017

The region of Charlevoix is a destination for outdoor painters. Canadian landscape painters, Charles Gagnon (1881-1942), James Wilson Morrice (1865- 1924), A.Y. Jackson(1882-1974), Bruno Côte (1940-2010) to name only a few, have painted here.

For us this year, no snow storm, freezing rain or bone chilling winds to hinder us. The morning is warm and sunny, we stop to visit at “Le Forgeron ” which is located half way up the hillside overlooking the village of  Saint-Irénée. We are welcomed with an offer of coffee, parking for the day and a panoramic view of the village and St. Lawrence River. Kindness of this sort is greatly appreciated.

St.Irénée, watercolour, 2017

By the afternoon the weather is holding with sun and a clear vista. I decided to drive to the village of Saint-Joseph-de-Rive and then sketched the row of houses on the northside of the railway tracks.

Houses on the north side of the tracks, watercolour, 2017

However, the following day rain and fog are threatening but hold off for the morning. Just enough sketching time in the village of Baie Saint Paul.

Ice Jam in the Bay, watercolour, 2017

Western Skyline, Baie Saint Paul, watercolour

On our final day we travelled north to Saint-Hilarion and Le Pied-des-Mont. We settled on the hill looking down on Ferme Caprivoix. We see the snow showers in the distance moving slowly in our direction, so time to paint.

Ferme Caprivoix, watercolour, 2017

My friend and wholesale supplier of Caran d’arch water brushes presented me with a new tool for sketching. This water brush pen has a 15ml fibre brush and a 20ml reservoir. It is a practical tool with the reservoir providing enough water from the pump to pool on the paper before adding pigments or alternatively squeezing the tip and then dipping in pigment to draw fine lines. Another good addition for minimal equipment when you need to travel light.

Village House, Les Eboulements, watercolour, 2017

If you visit the area ” a must see “is Les Jardins de Quatre-Vents, Malbaie ( tickets sold out for summer 2017). A documentary, The Gardener, 2016  by Sebastien Chabot is available for viewing this summer throughout Quebec and Canada.  A wonderful film about a world class garden, right in our back yard.

Pont de Lune, Les Jardins de Quartre-Vents, Malbaie, Qc  credit for scene from the documentary, The Gardener, 2016

You can follow  Sebastien Chabot on Facebook for up to date information on the film.

Sculpt in Charlevoix , August 27, 2017  from noon, Domaine Forget, Saint Irénée, Sculpture Garden, Free, families welcome.

Show up and try this art form.

Merry Christmas 2016

Winter is here with days of cold winds and snow squalls. This being said, the train was a good option for a trip to Toronto to see Mystical Landscapes; Monet, van Gogh and More at the Ontario Art Gallery. Toronto is just as cold as Montreal but we decided the 20 minute walk from the train station was just what we needed. As we approached the gallery we enjoy the sweeping glass facade by Canadian born architect Frank Gehry and a huge outdoor sculpture by British Henry Moore. The gallery has over 900 sculptures and works of Henry Moore.


OAG, Toronto, photo by Mary Anne Sullivan

Mystical Landscapes has a wide selection of paintings by artists from 15 countries covering the period from 1880 to 1930. The eye catching names of Monet and van Gogh are the show stoppers.

There is a wide interpretation of mystical and spiritual landscapes in the exhibit. For example, Austrian Expressionist Egon Schiele Landscape with Ravens, 1911 is dark and raw. Juxtaposition is the French painter Maurice Denis, La solitude de Christ, 1918. Here, the bright warm colour choice for the landscape reinforces the sole figure’s passive position and offers safety to mankind outside the sanctuary of the church. At this time, Europe was experiencing the first war from 1914-1918. Maurice Denis was a Symbolist and theoretican of the Nabis movement. In the same space we look at Post Impressionist artist Paul Gauguin, Vision of the Sermon -Jacob wrestling with the Angels, 1888. The choice of colours and complex religious story made it Gauguin’s first masterpiece. Bought in 1925 for 1,150 pounds by the National Gallery of Scotland it is now one of their finest purchases – Gauguin had offered to give it to the Church of Pont-Aven but “naturally they don’t want it”. The rooms are filled with paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, Piet Mondrian, Edward Munich, James McNeil Whistler, Paul Gaugin and many other lesser known artists.

The Canadian painters; Tom Thomson ( 1877-1917). Lawren Harris (1885-1970), Federick Varley ( 1881-1969) and Emily Carr ( 1871-1945) are well represented and it will be nice to hear the comments from Paris when this show opens on March 13 at the Musee d’Orsay, Paris.

As Christmas nears we celebrated the life of Cleo on our farm. She was a dog of unknown breed found at the SPCA over sixteen years ago.


Kleo. pencil sketch of dog


Merry Christmas and thanks for your support throughout  2016, Linda

Fundraising for Old Brewery Mission

The Old Brewery Mission receives the homeless women and men of Montreal and is always in need of money. Artist Sue Porter and Artist Karen Hosker have organized a lunch and art sale to fundraise.

Square foot, for old brewery mission, 2016

This Saturday November 19, thirteen artists will offer for sale four pieces of art 12 inches by 12 inches each for 140$. You are invited to the Hosker’s private residence at 232 Chemin de Senneville, Qc  from 11 am to 4 pm. Please come, buy art and have a light lunch of soup, bread and a sweet for 5$.

Here are my four paintings

Linda Denis, Square Art

Stewart Hall, Rental and Sales Gallery, 2017

The 2017 jury for the Art Rental at Stewart Hall Gallery have completed their selection. The vernissage is this Sunday October 30, 2016 at 2 o’clock. I am happy to have my oil painting Kamouraska as part of the collection. It was painted while the tide was out, to show off the lush green vegetation that grows under the salt water. Food forager know all about the marine greens in Kamouraska: beach peas, goat’s beard, sea parsley, sea spinach and sea asparagus.

tide out marshland vegetation

Kamouraska, 30 x 30 inches, oil on canvas, 2014

An added bonus this year was the detail from my painting Tidal Flats Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive on the 2017 Invitation.


detail, Linda Denis, Tidal Flats Saint-Joseph-de- La-Rive, 2015

detail, Linda Denis, Tidal Flats Saint-Joseph-de- La-Rive, 2015


Please visit the Stewart Hall Art Gallery: Hours, Monday through Sunday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Free admission-accessible by elevator

176, chemin du Bord-du-Lac/Lakeshore, Pointe-Claire, Québec H95 4J7




New Year, 2016

We are now into the heart of a Quebec winter, lots of snow and cold winds. This weather does not stop the committed. Here is a photograph of British artist, Edward Seago ( 1910-1957) at Camp “W” Anderson Island, Antarctic – January 1957

Seago at work from The Museum Scott Polar Research Institute University of Cambridge Lensfield Road Cambridge CB2 1ER

My first introduction to Seago started with a conversation with artist friend Jean Guthrie. A few years back, she walked past a landscape painting of Seago in a Toronto store window. Jean went in and bought it. Thanks for the introduction as I have been a fan of his work ever since.Edward Seago, View of Hungerford Bridge across the Thames, Oil on board, 26 x 36 in

Edward Seago, View of Hungerford Bridge across the Thames, oil

If you are interested visit Jim Serrett post on Seago with paintings and short biography  at Pochade Box Paintings.

I continue to sketch but from the comfort of my car.

The Bridge towards the Church, watercolour

The bridge in winter, watercolour


Angels and Fishermen

Linda Denis, Fisherman, Coteau Landing

Linda Denis, Three Fisherman, Coteau Landing, watercolour, 2015

I continue to sketch at the Soulanges Canal. Early morning and late afternoon the

one of four on lawn of St. Clet Church, Qc

one of four on lawn of St. Clet Church, Qc

fisherman take up their favourite spots.They tend to be still for several minutes, making them ideal models. The next best models are the four stone angels on the front lawn of the Catholic Church at the junction of Cité des Jeunes and the #201 highway.

Lighthouse at Pointe des Cascades,

Linda Denis, Abandoned Light House, Pointe des Cascades, watercolour, 2015

Yesterday at Pointe des Cascades, a few daring souls where jumping off the locks into the pool of water below. I looked only after I heard the big splash.


Looking West, Coteau landing, watercolour

Linda Denis, West Point, watercolour, 2015

Earlier in the week I sketched the west point of the canal looking towards the great expansion of sky in the far distance. I was thinking about Jeff and I know he made the journey. It was a sad day Tuesday; we said our final goodbyes. His religion was to live and die without regrets.

More words about Les Éboulements

A few weeks have past since the cold sunny days of the spring paint out at Les Éboulements. Since this outing I have thought often about the artistic works of Marc-Aurèle Fortin (1888-1970). My first encounter with his works was a painting of sail boats painted on a card board poster which I thought of as good way to use up readily available material. I progressed quickly to looking at his other works; oil, watercolour, engraving and his innovative use of artist’s tools. Fortin painted the Charlevoix region landscape with bold exaggerated strokes showing the beauty of trees, mountains and skies. It is well worth a visit to look at his works.

Allison Robichaud sends me three paintings from the recent outing. Always true to his style he finds the spirit of Charlevoix.

Allison Robichaud, Charlevoix 2015

Allison Robichaud, Back country of Charlevoix, oil, 2015

Allison Robichaud, Charlevoix, oil , 2015

Allison Robichaud, Along the River, oil, 2015

Allison Robichaud, Freighter, oil, 2015

Allison Robichaud, Freighter, oil, 2015

Another watercolour sketch painted from the steep hill into Saint-Irénée, Qc

Top Tier, watercolour, 2015

Linda Denis, Top Tier, watercolour, 2015


Les Éboulements, Almost Spring

A. Robichaud, plein air peintre

The usual and other hardy souls arrive to spend four days of outdoor painting in Charlevoix, Qc. There is plenty of subject matter for all taste; villages, woodlots, cattle or horses, the waters of St. Lawrence, and the mountainous terrain near Les Grands Jardins ( Fr.) or (Eng.) Home base is the Auberge de Nos Aïeux in Les Éboulements where we are welcomed with great food, a view of L’Isle -aux-Coudre, le Massif and the ferry crossing at Saint Joseph-de-la-Rive.

Oil painting by Sturat Main, 9 3/4 by 13 3/4, 2015

Stuart Main, Catching the Warm Sun, oil, 2015

Stuart Main, Allison Robichaud and Catherine Young Bates have for years outsmarted us. They know the best places to paint, how to prevent frostbite and very important where to park our cars so as not to be wiped out by logging trucks.

Catherine Bates Young, oil,

Catherine Young Bates, oil,

No Venezia sketchbook this time. I bring my easel, a wide mouthed thermos for water, watercolour sheets, a metal palette and a few brushes. After setting up, I leave most of my gear in the warm car except a mechanical pencil and paper. The sketching precedes fast and I fetch the other essential tools. Then I put my first wash on to see jack frost playing on my paper so a higher angle catches the hot sun rays. Then granular ice particles start forming on my palette but the sketch is finished.

Linda Denis, Baie- St- Paul, Qc, watecolour

Linda Denis, Baie-Saint-Paul the Three Spirals, watercolour, 2015

A special thanks to Daniel Brunet, who works at the desk of the Auberge. He is a local artist who keeps his studio open year round and enjoys the company of other artists. Juan Cristobal, another full time Charlevoix artist and teacher takes time out to paint with us. We appreciate his reminder to pay attention to where we park. Knock on the door, if you wish to paint close to a farm yard or residence and a 99% warm welcome is a certainty.

Some more watercolours from my paint out in Charlevoix, Qc

View from Hill St. Irene

View down hill to Saint-Iréneé,Qc


Municipalité Saint-Hilarion, Qc


Quai at St. Iréneé, Qc

Claude Le Sauteur

One of my professors at college would say, feed the the mind like a humming bird drop by drop. At the time, I thought it was silly.

The May 13, 2014 Canadian Art Auction catalogue at IEGOR has a painting of Claude Le Sauteur, Un instant de souvenir. In the Québec village of Les Éboulements people speak often the name Claude Le Sauteur ( 1926-2007).There is no answer why I am not familiar with his art work. Certainly, a missed opportunity.

In 2000, Canada Post issued Le Sauteur’s stamp depicting the Supreme Court of Canada. Other projects, a series for Just for Laughs titled L’univers du Rire and Porsche 911, masterpiece 1 by Claude Le Sauteur/ art cars project. In 2008, Espace Création Loto-Québec, Musée de Charlevoix presented the surreal landscapes of  Le monde habité de Claude Le Sauteur. 

A fan of his paintings at pinterest  present her favourites.

My favourites are here.

Claude Le Sauteur, Grange et Verdure, oil

Claude Le Sauteur, Grange et Verdure, oil, 1989



Claude Le Sauteur, Tout est Givre, oil, 1978

I admire the simplicity of colour and space. However, it is not where my hand and mind is now. So no misgiving on my part, just need to keep looking and painting.

Linda Denis, The other side of the Tracks, oil, 2014

Linda Denis, The other side of the Tracks, oil, 2014