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Merry Christmas from Infanta

I really need to let go my involvement with Infanta but she keeps calling me. So another post.


Infanta maria teresa , Velasquez, 1653

I like  David Bierk ( 1944-2002) and Rimi Yang both with a Canadian connection. As painters , they  have one foot in the present and the other in the past. Bierk was an American-born Canadian painter and Yang spent time at the Pouch  Cove Visual Artist Residency, Newfoundland. Bierk looked to the symbolism of dutch masters, Manet and Fantin Latour whereas Yang works are influenced by japanese woodblocks, Ingres and Fantin Latour. The National Art Gallery of Canada in 1983 presented a retrospective of Fantin Latour,  my art teacher at the time Leslie Coppold insisted we all go. So glad I listened and went. Yes, he was the one who said” I cannot teach you how to paint only how to see”.

For the kids out there, here is a paint-in: Print it and colour the tracing  with crayons or use artrage on iPad. Better still do your own copy from an original found on the internet.


here is a hint

infanta coloured pencils

coloured pencils

Artrage ipad

ipad Artrage


Claire, age 3

ipad Artrage

Claire, ipad Artrage

infanta on St. Armand Paper

Infanta on St. Armand Paper

copy of chocolate girl

copy of Chocolate Girl by Chi Mai Vo

Above watercolour by Chi Mai VO copy of Liotard, see more of her work at cmchin.wordpress.com


boys are cool, too

L'Infante Marie-Marguerite

my watercolour