Claude Le Sauteur

One of my professors at college would say, feed the the mind like a humming bird drop by drop. At the time, I thought it was silly.

The May 13, 2014 Canadian Art Auction catalogue at IEGOR has a painting of Claude Le Sauteur, Un instant de souvenir. In the Québec village of Les Éboulements people speak often the name Claude Le Sauteur ( 1926-2007).There is no answer why I am not familiar with his art work. Certainly, a missed opportunity.

In 2000, Canada Post issued Le Sauteur’s stamp depicting the Supreme Court of Canada. Other projects, a series for Just for Laughs titled L’univers du Rire and Porsche 911, masterpiece 1 by Claude Le Sauteur/ art cars project. In 2008, Espace Création Loto-Québec, Musée de Charlevoix presented the surreal landscapes of  Le monde habité de Claude Le Sauteur. 

A fan of his paintings at pinterest  present her favourites.

My favourites are here.

Claude Le Sauteur, Grange et Verdure, oil

Claude Le Sauteur, Grange et Verdure, oil, 1989



Claude Le Sauteur, Tout est Givre, oil, 1978

I admire the simplicity of colour and space. However, it is not where my hand and mind is now. So no misgiving on my part, just need to keep looking and painting.

Linda Denis, The other side of the Tracks, oil, 2014

Linda Denis, The other side of the Tracks, oil, 2014