July Sketches 2015

Early in the month of July, the Montreal Urban Sketchers were invited to Stewart Hall in Pointe Claire, Quebec. Eighty artists participated and their sketches posted in the Adjacent Room of the Gallery for the months of July and August. The sunny day plus the offer of free coffee, ice cream, paper, pencils and clipboards was too perfect to refuse.

Urban Sketchers, Stewart Hall, photo by Rhonda Massad

Linda sketching at Stewart Hall, photo by Rhonda Massad


This year's equipment for Plein Air

This year’s equipment for my Plein Air

Linda Drewry continues her weekly Tuesday paint outs in and around Montréal. All are welcome. You show up…paint, draw, photograph or just lazy around.

Baie Valois, rue St. Charles, Dorion, Qc

Linda Denis, Bay Valois, Dorion, Qc., watercolour, 2015


Just before the thunder storm,

Linda Denis, Just before the thunder storm,water-colour,2015


historic home on lake of two Mountains

Linda Denis, Greenwood on lake of two Mountains, watercolour, 2015


Residence on the Hill, Rigaud, Pq

Linda Denis, La Résidence, Rigaud, Qc, watercolour, 2015

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  1. Rhonda Massad
    6 July, 2015 at 1:45 am Edit
    Linda, It was so nice to meet you at Stewart Hall today. The event at Stewart Hall was beautiful. It unites a community in its very essence. Thank you for taking time out to speak to me and guide me through the extensive list of well known artists that were on site today.

    Your voice in a blog is always welcome on the West Island Blog where the community gets together to keep in touch.

    Rhonda Massad

    Linda Denis
    6 July, 2015 at 3:54 pm Edit
    Thank you for your kind words.It was magic at Stewart Hall on Sunday. The weather was fabulous, the piano player on the porch was superb and the free coffee and ice cream appreciated. Everyone was invited to sketch. No excuses for having a bad day.

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