Vancouver Island

This summer, I sketched in the tranquil garden next to the Cuckoo Trattoria in Coombs, BC


cuckoo garden, coomb, vancouverisland

Cuckoo Garden, Coombs, Vancouver Island

A place to rest, Cuckoo Garden

A place to meditate

a quick pencil sketch in Tofino, BC

Tofino Harbour, BC

 another  quick pencil sketch on the boardwalk. I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and herbs from the gentleman’s wife as well as a autographed copy of his latest book  A Long Night of Death by Alberto Balcarce.

On the board walk


Paris, France

On two occasions in the past few years I have visited Paris. Here are my quick sketches in my Venezia Sketchbook.

The view from my friend’s apartment

Saint- Germain-des- Prés, Paris






  1. Hi LInda:
    Talking about surprise, I also have a… wonderful surprise reading my name in… I don`t really know from where but… what shall I say, I don`t see my name around anymore since my first book. My wife is still sleeping and… you know, some people just like to sleep. Well… it is only 6 something “around here”, ja. When she wake up I will show her your note. You have a wonderful day and hope we will met again in Parksville.
    Alberto and Suyi, the sleeping beauty, ja.

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