Why are landscapes my favourite to paint?

I love the colours of the land; whether minimalist or exaggerated.  Never a practical girl, I must be reminded that function rules before colour and form.. What good is a church or barn if nothing can enter. No small trap doors that you must crawl into or windows where no light can enter. I mix up the colours on my palette  and start to fill in the forms of farm land, mudflats or village homes. But, remind myself to think of the function.


  1. Hi Linda,

    I’m sorry I missed the recent Hudson Arts Event…I wasn’t aware it was on…but I’m intersted to know what pieces you still have. I heard it was a very well attended art show.
    I’m interested in the 12 x 12″ Landscapes that are in the blue-pink-green spectrum.
    Can you send me photos with a number or title reference so I can get you to put some on hold for me.
    Not sure when you’re travelling up to Ottawa next…but I could take a road trip to see you in Hudson or your home studio etc.

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