Simplicity, paper and pencil

As artists, we need to reach out to other sources to keep our creativity at a high peak. Often it is music, poetry, or going to an art gallery or museum which gives the extra boost.

Other times, we need to look at artists with multiple expertise and see how they manage. My first connection to Leonard Cohen was through his poems and music but lately I am looking at the simplicity of his drawing and imagery. Hambleton Galleries  has a large selection of his works.

It is mentioned in a few articles that when he is at his  Montréal home as he works on an old Québec pine table. This idea of simplicity and the need for few tools has my attention. I have this idea if I buy this brush or use this paint there will be a significant improvement in my art. Leonard Cohen reminds me to use pencil and paper. Draw and draw fequently.


 The documentary, Picnic in the Park with Leonard Cohen , NFB of Canada by Pierre Tetrault is another indicator to enjoy the simple gestures in life.

 Here is a pencil drawing of a favourite dog.