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Kamouraska, Bas- St- Laurent, QC

This month we spent 4 days in the Quebec village of Kamouraska. It is a plein air painter’s destination but also fulfills my needs to have gourmet food, interesting architecture, beautiful sunsets, and friendly locals. The food trail begins with the restaurants-L’Amuse Bouche, Côte Est Cafe, Bistro de la Mer/Poissonnerie Lauzier, the bakery-La Boulangerie Niemand, the brewery- Tête d’Allumette Microbrasserie, the chocolate shop, La Fée Gourmande.

The village architecture is influenced by what settlers had in France and the need to adapt to what the lower St. Lawrence could supply. The Côte Est Cafe is located in the original Presbytery built in 1848 with a “neo-classical influence”.  The former court house built in 1888 is located midway on the main street and often called the “chateau” but in the tourist information they are more specific saying ” second empire, la renaissance française”. As all French Canadian villages the church is the heart. The recent building was constructed in 1912, after four previous churches perished, by the architect Joseph-Pierre Ouellet with a “neo-renaissance influence”. For an interesting insight into this village the booklet  Carnets de Kamouraska ( french only) is an informative source.The text is by Paul Louis Martin and illustrations by resident artist Anne Michaud in watercolour and ink.

My contribution on how I see the village is through my sketches in watercolour & gouache on Arches and Fabriano paper. My interest in gouache started with my Chinese painting workshop last month. At the time of buying my supplies I was told gouache would be a good substitue for the required Chinese paint. Liam Quan Zhen our instructor, quickly, told me this is the sequence, watercolour, chinese paint, gouache. So I put aside my gouache and bought the required paint brand, Yasutomo. Liam pointed out the need to read the label on artist quality paint. A common colour name is not enough if you want exact results. For example, when he called for vermillion the number on the tube is #51 or phthalo blue #57 or light green #55. He pointed out the need for pigment colour index names and numbers   Often paint colours that have the same name or slightly different name can vary greatly once on the page. If you wish to have similar results to your instructor pay attention to the brand name and paint type.

Sketching from street bench, watercolour & gouache, 2017

Sketching from Church parking lot, watercolour & gouache, 2017

East Shoreline from Wharf, watercolour & gouache, 2017

Tide is Out, watercolour & gouache, 2017

Former Palais de Justice (1888), watercolour & gouache, 2017



Warm and Sunny September

The weather continues to be ideal for plein air painting. We paint boats at St. Anne de Bellevue and Beaconsfield Yacht club before they are moored for the winter. Then take a few days in Kamouraska to enjoy the tidal flats, churches, and salt marshes. This weekend, 26-27 September the Hudson & Region Studio Tour opens their doors to 12 artists. Linda is on the tour and welcomes all daily from 10am to 4:30pm.

Beaconsfield waterside, watercolour

Beaconsfield waterside, watercolour

Beaconsfield Park, watercolour

Beaconsfield Park, watercolour

Route de la Gréve, Kamouraska, watercolour

Route de la Gréve, Kamouraska, watercolour

Kamouraska wharf, watercolour

Kamouraska wharf, watercolour

And, there is time to paint some of my garden flowers.

My Garden Flowers, watercolour

La Belle Province in August

Kamouraska, Québec City, Île d’Orléans are some of my favourite places to visit and sketch in Québec.The village of Kamouraska is well known for its bakery, fishery, eateries, heritage buildings, and scenery. The light is airy even on a rainy mist filled day. I decide to paint the stone house looking out towards the islets at high tide.

House on the edge, Kamouraska

House on the Edge, Kamouraska, QC, watercolour, 2015

Vignoble, 1A Chemin du Boût de I'Île, Ste Pétronille, Qc, watercolour , 2015

Vignoble, 1A Chemin du Boût de I’île, Ste Pétronille, QC, watercolour, 2015

We visit the  Vignoble de Sainte-Pétronille on Île d’Orléans. It sits high above the St Lawrence River giving a spectacular view of the grape fields descending towards a Normandy farmhouse, the Montmorency Falls and the bridge to the mainland. We sip a bottle of white wine , enjoying friends and a world class view.

japon-dhzexuinyb_Album-grandThe Musée Nationale des Beaux-Art in Québec city presents  Japan Inspiration until September 27, 2015 – a visit is a must on my list. Firstly, the location on the Plains of Abraham is a present day grand park filled with greenery and flowers sandwiched between a spectacular view of the St. Lawrence and the Grand Allée. We forget the past battle fought between Montcalm and Wolfe. Within this park sits the museum comprised of three pavilions; a 1933 neoclassical building by architect Wilfred Lacroix, a old prison from 1867, a central transparent pavilion of glass, granite and a rooftop garden. The recently completed glass entrance on the Grande Allée by the Netherlands architectural firm of Rem Koolhaas and Montréal architects Provencher Roy gives the modern touch to this site filled with our history. Inside, the exhibition is well worth the visit. I see first hand the direct influence of the Japanese woodcuts on the Impressionists; the light tonality and large bold masses filled with colours.

To finish my month of sketches, I looked to my garden and pick some August flowers.

August Flowers

Garden Flowers, watercolour, 2015