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Yupo night at Syn Studio

This is the final night of the watercolour classes  at  synstudio.ca   Marc challenges us again with this slippery plastic support called yupo and a model. If you want information go to  what-is-yupo and see  Marc’s tarosan.wordpress.com . We quickly found out that if we had one or two  recognizable images  we were doing something right but not sure what. Marc is a generous teacher. He will give you all the help and motivation to improve your handiwork. Registration, for January 2014 is still open and can be done on line.The fee includes models and yupo. No extras as in many comparable class. You can park  nearby without worry of a ticket. Just diagonally across from the studio, 10$ for us.

model with crystal ball, yupo paper

model with crystal ball, yupo paper watercolour

Model on chair yupo paper

yupo paper, nude model