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July Sketches 2015

Early in the month of July, the Montreal Urban Sketchers were invited to Stewart Hall in Pointe Claire, Quebec. Eighty artists participated and their sketches posted in the Adjacent Room of the Gallery for the months of July and August. The sunny day plus the offer of free coffee, ice cream, paper, pencils and clipboards was too perfect to refuse.

Urban Sketchers, Stewart Hall, photo by Rhonda Massad

Linda sketching at Stewart Hall, photo by Rhonda Massad


This year's equipment for Plein Air

This year’s equipment for my Plein Air

Linda Drewry continues her weekly Tuesday paint outs in and around Montréal. All are welcome. You show up…paint, draw, photograph or just lazy around.

Baie Valois, rue St. Charles, Dorion, Qc

Linda Denis, Bay Valois, Dorion, Qc., watercolour, 2015


Just before the thunder storm,

Linda Denis, Just before the thunder storm,water-colour,2015


historic home on lake of two Mountains

Linda Denis, Greenwood on lake of two Mountains, watercolour, 2015


Residence on the Hill, Rigaud, Pq

Linda Denis, La Résidence, Rigaud, Qc, watercolour, 2015

Interiors, Exteriors

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 15th century Byzantine iconWhere to go to find a sanctuary in a foreign place? In Guayabitos the Catholic Church is open to the public on extended hours, no admission fees, beautiful and comfortable. I go there to sketch and remember my loved ones with a lighted candle. It not the simple act of lighting a candle and giving a donation. You need to cross the street and buy your candle at one of the local depanneurs or 7-11 stores. There is a good selection of votive candles; hot pink, red or lime green or religious icons for about 30 pesos. The offering box is near the main alter. You give what you want. The church is named, The Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The icon of Mary and Child associated with this church harks back to the Byzantine era of the 15th century.

interior of Guayabitos Church

Linda Denis, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, watercolour, Venezia Sketchbook, 2015

There are other places of tranquility but not of the same quality. Beyond the maleçon in La Peñita the fishermen beach their boats when not out in the bay.

Another Beached Boats, La Peñita

Linda Denis, Parked until the next Sea Journey, watercolour, Venezia Sketchbook, 2015

Beached Boat, La Peñita

Linda Denis, Beached Fishing Boat, La Peñita, watercolour, Venezia Sketchbook, 2015

I return to the building site on the maleçon for my final look at progress.

Construction workers, La Peñita

Linda Denis, Progress on the Construction Site, La Peñita, watercolour, Venezia Sketchbook, 2015

Then, I take out my sketchbook to do a watercolour of suburbia Guyabitos. Here quiet persists except for the barking guard dogs and a few pedestrians out for a leisurely walk or a quick walk to the swing bridge to look at the crocodiles.


balcony view

Linda Denis, Storm maybe Today, watercolour, Venezia Sketchbook, 2015



People to sketch

Another hot day still much work

Another hot day in La Peñita

Finding people who do not mind being sketched is my purpose, these days. For myself, I have noticed people who work in public place are an excellent choice. They are not going to walk away and usually are at ease with people looking at them. If they give you a smile, a thumbs up or show off a bit …it is a good sign.  If they are selling food buy something, playing instruments put money in the hat, sometimes an appreciated smile or show your sketch is enough. Then there are times when you pack up very quickly and move on.

Hot day on the roof

Roof work in La Peñita

Work and more work

Adding window ledge