Fall 2023

We enter into the fall season with high day temperature in the low 30’s, bears on the roam breaking into unsecured garbage and the local river road under construction with dust and gravel flying. This is not catastrophic in comparison to the forest fires in other parts of Canada.
The above mentioned elements have limited by visits to the local turtle pond and quarry where I passed many hours sketching the landscape last summer.


Farm Point Turtle Pond, oil on canvas, 24×20, 2023


Turtle Pond in mid summer, oil on canvas, 12×12, 2023


Quarry from on top, oil on canvas, 20×20, 2023

My studio has become my space this summer. The above are a few of my finished works in oil on canvas  When someone like myself paints from memory and watercolour sketches it becomes an impression of the time and day not a realistic one. I am a daydreamer.