Summer 2024 in the Gatineau Hills

Summer arrived with hot June days reaching 30C with all seeming well here in the hills. The turtles are off laying their eggs in the loose gravel along the chemin de la Rivière. The Baltimore orioles are nesting in the tall spruce trees along the bicycle& walking trail and my other favourite the red winged-black bird is happily sing « conk-a-réel » at the local turtle pond

A new generation of turtles taking a sun bath on the shared log.  The canvas is 20 by 28 inches, oil paint, 2024. Turtle are now crossing the road so please slow down and avoid them.

Next generation of turtles enjoying the warm weather

Farm Point turtle pond 2024


Respect the turtle crossing sign

Traversée des tortues, Farm Point, Chelsea, Qc

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