My June, 2016



Les Jardins Quarter-Vents , Malbaie, Qc,

This past month we obtained tickets to view the Jardins de Quarter-Vents  in MalBaie, Qc. For this season 2016 all dates are full but for 2017 start to look in November at Centre Écologigue de Port du Salmon .The guides are well informed volunteers; it takes 2 and 1/2 hours; most tours are in the French language. It is a visual feast of colour, texture, architecture and designed to please the eye. No time was allowed to sketch here but I did these later in the day at St. Joseph de Rive and Les Éboulements.

St Joseph de Rive

Early Morning, St Joseph de Rive, Qc

Parking, Les Éboulements, Qc

Church Parking Lot, Les Éboulements, Qc


  1. H Linda — I love your “Church Parking Lot” just beautiful. I have been working on my blog for the past two years and I have been able to migrate all of it to which I think will be less hassle and less spam. Lovely painting my dear -)))

    1. Jane, know you are very capable with changes to your website. Thanks for compliment on my watercolour, churches and cemeteries are great place to sketch in small villages of Quebéc.

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