Summertime 2022

We still have COVID in our community but restrictions for a mask are now almost null expect for hospitals and medical clinic here in Quebec

I recently took on the challenge of 30 direct watercolour in 30 days under the direction of Uma Kelkar and Marc Taro Holmes. Not all watercolours were successful so often I did not post but the benefits were there. When weather permitted I painted outdoors directly from the environment but tornado warnings and frequent downpours put me at the kitchen table or protected porch.
Nearby we have a large quarry with high cliffs providing a superb lookout towards the village of Wakefield, the Gatineau River and eastern shoreline. My best find was the turtle pond next to the River. It provided many sketches and watercolour paintings as I became acquainted with the marsh filled with cattails, blue irises, red winged black birds, algae, frogs and toads.