Fundraising for Old Brewery Mission

The Old Brewery Mission receives the homeless women and men of Montreal and is always in need of money. Artist Sue Porter and Artist Karen Hosker have organized a lunch and art sale to fundraise.

Square foot, for old brewery mission, 2016

This Saturday November 19, thirteen artists will offer for sale four pieces of art 12 inches by 12 inches each for 140$. You are invited to the Hosker’s private residence at 232 Chemin de Senneville, Qc  from 11 am to 4 pm. Please come, buy art and have a light lunch of soup, bread and a sweet for 5$.

Here are my four paintings

Linda Denis, Square Art

Linda Denis, Champêtre, 12x12, oil, 2012
Linda Denis, A Place to Rest, 12 x12, oil, 2013
Linda Denis, Marsh, 12x12, oil, 2012
Linda Denis,Receding Shoreline, 12x12, oil, 2012