Lagom är bäst

This Swedish proverb means the right amount is best – no more, no less. In Viking times, this is how the proverb was applied.

How much mead one should drink from a horn as it is passed around in order for everyone to receive a fair share?

Still it applies in modern days for how much is needed when less will do. Oddly, I am applying this thought to my watercolour sketching. How much water to mix with the pigment? How damp or dry is my paper? How many figures, building, trees or sky is needed? How light might the sky be or dark ?

As an artist,  I look towards a master watercolourist for answers. Swedish watercolour artist, Lars Lerin shows the way. Dawn Treadler’s blog covers three of his exhibitions with her photographs. Another site worth visiting to see Lerin’s paintings is Art Investment RU.

How to do watercolours by Lars Lerin

Lars Lerin, watercolour, via

Lars Lerin, watercolour

Lars Lerin , watercolour, via


Lars Lerin, Light in the East, watercolour,102×142 cm, 2002-2012

So, I continue sketching daily in my Venezia sketchbook, with my newly acquired Holbein 500 palette, the Escoda brushes recommended by Joseph Zbukvic and plently of water.

I visit the Guayabitos beach daily to sketch figures and eat. I particular enjoy sketching the area where several vendors cluster to sell their ready to eat food and drinks from Friday to Sunday. Brochetas Cora Costend, Luisa, Kande offer white fish or shrimp. A refreshment of Agua Fresca and Tejuino will finish the snack and costs 10 pesos. A brochette of white fish and shrimp cooked over coals is 25 to 30 pesos. Great value, nutritious and good.

Time to rest

Time to rest

Mexican grown Fruit & Fish

Pineapples, Mangoes to go and Fish Brochettes

early Sunday waiting for breakfast

Sunday Brunch on Guayabitos Beach

Under Construction

Construction work in La Pentia




  1. Your sketches of Guayabitos totally capture the feel of the wonderful Bay of Jaltemba. Your artist’s view picks up so much more detail than the regular person’s eyes. We always enjoy these sketches.

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