Sketches of construction workers

I continue to sketch daily in my Venezia Sketchbook. The construction workers in La Peñita are exceptional models: very reliable, quick to change a pose or disappear. They do not care who is watching, photographing or sketching them. You cannot ask for more. Lagom är bäst.

Worker finishing tile window ledge

Linda Denis, Worker finishing tile window ledge, watercolour

Men at work

Linda Denis, Finishing touches to cement ledge, watercolour

Workers applying their skills

Linda Denis, Workers applying their skills, watercolour

Another day with a shady spot to work

Linda Denis, Another day with a shady spot to work, watercolour


  1. Interesting to see the progress of this construction site. You have once again captured it all.

    1. Great guys to sketch. Always willing to show off their skills. It took a least one hour to decide how the bricks should be artistically and physically placed to finish off the second storey balcony.

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