My Art

Drawing, painting, following art history lectures has always been a main stay in my life. It fills up the empty spaces in my mind with images, stories and keeps me on an even keel. At times there is the model in a studio to draw and paint but other times the expansive spaces of the outdoor are there to provide colour, incredible textures and design without a struggle from the artist’s brush.

Tidal Flats Kamouraska

Tidal Flats Kamouraska

kamouaska tide out

Tide Out, Kamouraska

30x30inches ,oil

Sutton Valley

model at Carole Segale studio, Montreal

Victorian Wedding Dress

Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller

pending wedding

Pending Wedding

Watercolour assignment to copy and adapted L'infanta , 2013

Parasol 42x24 oil 2005




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