Parc des Ancres

Linda Denis, Locks, Pointe des Cascade

Linda Denis, Lock at Pointe des Cascade, watercolour, 2015

Every spring for more than twenty years Linda Drewry sends out a list of tuesday plein air painting locations. This week, May 26, we met at the small Quebec Village of Pointe des Cascade in the Parc des Ancres (over 100 anchors). Here is the starting point of the abandoned Soulange Canal built in 1899 and closed in 1958 stretching westerly 14 miles to Coteaux Landing. Now the waterway is closed to watercrafts with all locks in various stages of disrepair and decay.


Canals St Lawrence River, map by drawn by A.U. Almon, 1909

A watercolour sketch, completed later in the week at the westerly entrance to the Soulange Canal.

Linda Denis, Lock Coteau Landing, watercolour, 2015

Linda Denis, Lock Coteau Landing, watercolour, 2015


    1. Thank you for organizing these plein air painting spots. We appreciate the parking, public toilets and other thoughtful reminders you post on your list.

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