Spring 2020

I enjoyed daily sketching in Mexico this winter and returned without incident and before the serious threat of Covid-19 in Canada. Since then I have found it difficult to sketch or paint in my studio. Quickly, I realized I need to feed my imagination by sketching outside my home studio.  I did sketch daily in Mexico at the market, beaches or the urban area. Here are some of my watercolour on paper.


Bicycle Vendor, Enjoying a drink at the beach, Dry dock for boats, watercolour, Puerto Escondido, Mx


watercolour sketches Puerto Escondido, Mx

Local church, Fish Market, watercolour, Puerto Escondido, MX


Boat for rent, Butcher shop, watercolour, Puerto Escondido, Mx


My watercolour sketches, Mx 2020

My gallery wall, watercolour sketches, Puerto Escondido, Mx

Since returning home these are paintings I retouched and changed in small or moderate ways. I tried painting new canvas but nothing was happening so I looked at some painting in my studio and found ways to improve them.

Sunset, oil, 30×30, 2020


Spring along the ridge, oil, 36×24, 2020


Low Tide, oil, 30×30, 2020


Here in Quebec we are slowly returning to some normality with some schools opening later in May and other businesses slowly being introduced gradually It has been a sad time with covid-19 high fatality rate in our senior homes, our health workers and staff endangering themselves to this virus and the restriction for us to stay home.