Year of the Dog, 2018

Freya, pencil drawing

Friday, February 16, 2018 is the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Each year the day of celebration changes in accordance with the lunar calendar. One of twelve Chinese signs, it is the year of the dog. You can see from my previous posts we enjoyed more than our share of wonderful dogs.

“Honest and loyal, Dogs are the truest friends and most reliable partner.”

Freya was a given dog not aggressive enough in nature for her previous owner so she came to live with us. What a pleasure to have her in our lives.


Kleo. pencil sketch of dog

Kleo, pencil drawing

Kleo was from the SPCA, she joined us as a puppy and we had her for 16 years. Another great one.

Qajaq was a huskie from Iglulik via Iqaluit, her standout characteristic was a three spiral corkscrew tail…unusual but so was she. She came to live with us because she had an independant streak and needed more supervision.

Linda Denis, Tundra dog and Mistress, oil painting, 30×30 inches, 2006

Here is a family photo of my Mother’s family with Arthur holding the family dog.

The best dogs are found dogs.


Alex on Limebank Farm, 90 years young this year 2018

I could not let this day pass without honouring some of these special dogs who have shared their lives with my family.

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  1. Always wonderful to look back onto the dogs one has had the opportunity to have in ones life. From childhood through to adulthood, fond memories are there for each and every one of them. Blessed to have had the opportunity to them being a part of our families.
    Thank you for sharing

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