Autumn 2014

Mustard Fields, oil, 48x24

Mustard Fields, oil, 48×24

Before the cold snowy winter began last year, Chi Mai was searching for a suitable person to go to France with her. There were a few criteria: be able to drive a manual car, be able to thrive and to survive a watercolour workshop and above all be pleasant and agreeable.

So with little thought, I am off to France to pass 5 days with 18 participants at a Joseph Zbukvic workshop. My next post will be on this adventure. The word is out that one of the participants is a New York tattoo artist and watercolorist. If you follow my posts take at look at the Virgin Mary ; here the tattoo artist Wim Dalvoye work is on the back of Tim Steiner. Oddly, neither Wim or Tim  own the masterpiece.

The Hudson & Region Studio is the weekend of September 27-28 between 10 am until 4:30pm.Twelve artist have opened their studio to the public. Linda is one of these participants and I hope to see some interested people at my door on September 27. If you want more information please contact me here.

Here are some images of paintings from 2000-2014 in acrylic or oil on canvas.

acrylic, 30x30, 2013

Lion’s Head, acrylic, 30×30

Cherub, acrylic, 30x30

Cherub, acrylic, 30×30

Buddha, acrylic, 30x30

Buddha, acrylic, 30×30







  1. I really enjoyed seeing your lovely paintings today Linda. Buddha is one of the ones that stuck in my mind. Thanks for your hospitality!

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