Emily Carr and friends


This being the year of the horse, another public equine sculpture was drawn to my attention in Montréal.

Heffel  Fine Art Auction  commissioned Joe Fafard to create a sculpture of Emily Carr. In 2005, a patina coloured  bronze of  Emily Carr (1871-1945) with her monkey Woo, her dog Billie and her horse was completed in an edition of seven. The three auction houses in Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal  have an edition in front of their buildings for all to enjoy 24/7.

Emily Carr and friends, montreal

Joe Farfard, Emily and Friends, bronze, 1840 Sherbrooke,W, Mtl, Heffel Auction, 2005

Emily and Friends is tucked into the side of 1840 Sherbrooke with all looking to the west. If you walk quickly or drive by this sculpture you may miss it. Not monumental but smallish and intimate it stands between window and driveway. The close bond of affection and trust Emily Carr shared with her pets is felt when standing beside this memorial.

Kleo, March 2014

Linda Denis, Kleo, pencil on Bristol smooth paper, 2014

My rendition in pencil of our dog, Kleo.



    1. Farmer’s saying, Three years a young dog, three years a good dog and three years an old dog. Thanks Olivia nice to have your approval. XOXo

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