Les Grandes Dames

The Chinese and Vietnamese lunar year begins today: the year of the monkey.  Since passing time in Mexico my thoughts turn to Frida Kahlo and her pet monkey.

I write “Frida Kahlo and her pet monkey” on a piece of paper because my verbal skills in Spanish are limited. Off to the local stationary and internet shop on Sol Nuevo, the main avenue. I pass my piece of paper to the gentleman at the desk. When the images of Frida’s art work comes up on his computer I point to the printer. Voilà, a copy. My mission is to copy but as always my hand and mind are not synchronized but quite contrary to each other. Strange how the hand can be so independent.

Frida and her pet monkey, watercolour 2016

A copy of Frida’s monkey, watercolour, 2016

Many have commented to why Frida chose to self portrait herself with her pet monkey. One of the most popular is the association of promiscuity and sin symbolized in the Mayan and early Christian culture. Doubtful,  “She lived as who she was, no apologies”.

In the vein of old but grandiose Dames one of the oldest hotels in our village is Jacqueline. Why not paint it when someone shouts from his van, ” show me I might buy it”.

Jacqueline, watercolour, 2016

Jacqueline Hotel, watercolour, 2016

The bandstand or the Spanish word quioscos is another grandiose sign of the past, the Victorian era. The bandstand originated in the 1800 when it was a place to gather and listen to musical concerts. Throughout the world many fell into disrepair or were demolished but not here. Both Guayabitos  and La Pentia are renovating their plaza and bandstand.


Bandstand in Plaza, La Pentia, watercolour, 2016